A trusted nurse consultant

Dr. Dawna Cato understands both the needs of nurses and the demands that are placed on a contemporary nursing workforce.

 Turn to Transition To Professional Practice Nurse Consulting, LLC and let her expertise benefit you.

Improved nursing performance

A few of the ways Dr. Dawna Cato works to help nurses gain knowledge that can heighten their effectiveness include:

  • Developing simulation scenarios so that beginning nursing students are able to learn more effectively
  • Identifying learning gaps that may impede both new nurses and those moving into a new area of practice
  • Offering additional specialized instruction, counseling and/or advising
  • Consulting on the development of academic Nurse Residency Programs
  • Making a list of best practices that can boost nurse confidence and competence

A better healthcare industry

Of course, Dr. Dawna Cato knows that continued development is important for every working nurse. That's why she undertakes the design and implementation of Career Ladder and Specialty Certification Programs.


The consulting work she does is evidence-based. By analyzing data, she can hone in on any missing knowledge or skills. The next step is to make sure any gaps are closed so that the practice's nurses perform better in the future.

Learn about relationships

Dr. Dawna Cato can also guide your workforce toward the establishment of rewarding relationships with various partners in the healthcare industry.

The benefits of coordinating with academic institutions, professional societies and healthcare organizations are vast. Not only will your nurses keep abreast of cutting-edge research and technology, their leadership skills will improve as well.

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