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IN today's complex healthcare arena professional competence is an imperative to safe quality patient care

A strong Professional Nursing footprint is the foundation to safe quality healthcare delivery. Regardless of the clinical or academic setting, nurses must be prepared with organizational and intellectual competence to meet the demands of and/or prepare emerging nurses for a highly complex healthcare arena.  Transition to Professional Practice Nurse Consulting provides an evidence-based approach to quickly identify gaps in knowledge, skill and attitudes and works collaboratively with healthcare individuals and/or organizations to design, implement, and evaluate effective programs to meet identified goals and objectives. 


Check out our recent Achievements:

  • Submission and management of workforce grants
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of multiple specialty programs in acute care practice arenas
  • Development of evidence-based Nurse Residency Program at local and state levels
  • Subject Matter Expert for academic curriculum and design
  • International Consulting to transform professional nursing pracctice in China


Of course, in a nursing career that covers more than two decades, it's impossible to list all achievements. For a few more details, please stop by the About Us page.

Let our consulting benefit you.

Dr. Cato integrates adult learning principles with programatic outcomes that align with orgnaizational cultures. 


We work to improve nursing performance, job satisfaction, patient outcomes and industry relationships. A visit to our Services page will show you more about how we can assist you.

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If there's one thing that everyone can agree on-

INurses are responsible for safe quality care delivery.   A strong professional footprint provides optimal patient outcomes. And that's just what Dr. Dawna Cato's work allows you to do. If you're interested in additional information or want to arrange for a consultation, get in touch with our office today!

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